individual prices

measure me not by the price but the value - let's solve your problem

you can book me:

Yes, actually you can, apart from the online training and adventures seminars, book me for individual coachings or trainings.

It is up to you weather you want me for a one-on-one session via phone or in a personal meeting. You may also want to consider booking me for company training or speaking.

In either case I am not offering the same process to every one. I will tailor the coaching or training according to your needs. As well as every person is different, I believe so is every company and team.

Contact me and let me know what your situation looks like. Apart from the problem, I am primarily interested what the desired outcome might look like. What shall be different when I leave again.

Together we will tailor a process that suits your needs.



  • 50,-€ graphology
  • 110,-€ mindscaping and other online sessions
  • 290,-€ personality profile
  • 290,-€ 1 on 1 coaching with physical presence
  • 600,-€ non smoking session


  • 100,-€ concept development per hour
  • 150,-€ per online consulting session
  • 350,-€ per offline consulting session (personal meeting)
  • 450,-€ personality profile
  • 3000,-€ per day



travel time &  expenses

  • travel time half hourly rate (50,-€)
  • train 2nd class
  • km-compensation by car € -,50/km

food & overnight

  • lunch as paid, max. 20,- €
  • dinner as paid, max. 25,- €
  • overnight as agreed

public speaking and teaching per hour

  • 200,-€

regulation for cancelation

  • until 31 days in advance: agreed fee minus incurred expenses
  • 8 to 30 days in advance: 50% of agreed fee
  • 2 to 7 days in advance: 75% of agreed fee
  • 0 to 1 day in advance: 90% of agreed fee