Discover Iceland 

Over the course of thousands of years the water has been at work in the impressive mountain range of Kerlingarfjöll, situated in the middle of Iceland’s wilderness. It has formed beautiful yet intimidating canyons. We will discover this unique landscape on horses.

If you join us on this unique trip to the Highlands on Iceland, we will depart in Reykjavik early in the morning of the 11. September to meet Bjarni our guide and pick up our horses (2-3 per person) near the highlands to start our first riding day.

Bjarni, is not only the guide but also the owner of our horses and grew up in the region that we are traveling through. Incredible about riding is, that you will feel the connection to your surrounding at all times.

Discover yourself

We will ride for 6-8h each day, sleep in mountain cabins and will have full accommodation by Bjarni and his team. Our group will be around 8 riders and since we will ride outside the main season we will be on our own most of the time.

Bring clothes for riding, including a warm jacket. In case of rainy weather rain clothes will be provided.