Change your perspective!

Meditation & renewal!

We will live at Cal Codina in the Spanish pyrenees. This place was rebuilt out of ruins by a German couple and thought to be a retreat.
We will have the guest house and the meditation house for ourselves and will be able to prepare and cook our own food.

Best will be to fly to Barcelona where you can rent a car or we will meet and take a car together. To Cal Codina is approcximately a 2 hour drive from the airport.

The next village will be 30min away from Cal Codina.

daily schedule (sunday - friday):

  • 07:00am: morning yoga (optional)
  • 07:45am: morning meditation
  • 08:30am: breakfast
  • 09:30am: working mediation
  • 11:00am: reading and discussion
  • 12:00pm: walking meditation
  • 12:30pm: preparation lunch
  • 02:00pm: leisure activity
  • 04:00pm: dharma talk
  • 05:00pm: afternoon meditation
  • 05:45pm: preparation dinner
  • 06:30pm: dinner
  • 07:30pm: walking meditation or relaxation  meditation
  • 05:45pm: evening tea & reading
  • 09:00pm: end of day
  • sleep and renewal!

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