Do you know who you are?

Most of life’s big changes happen when we experience something special. I believe that this happens because we arrange ourselves with daily life. Not because everyday life is always unspectacular but because it keeps repeating over and over. Just as most of us don’t need to concentrate putting one foot in front of another in order to walk we can practice almost everything until it becomes a habit. Smokers even trained themselves to inhale toxic fumes until it became their normality. These different habits add up to a full daily routine and makes us do many thing without even thinking about it. We lack the critical outside view on our lifes. What are you doing because you really want to do it?

Do you know who you want to be? 

That’s why I decided to meet a very enduring master: the desert. I learned for myself, that life could be lived contrary to mine and still be considered normal in another region of the world.

I started questioning the way I lived and adopted some changes. I received a lot of interested feedback for this journey which encouraged me to share the experience with other and therefor created the ‚sahara experience’ journey. I will offer mini workshops each morning as an impulse for the day but the important factor is the experience you have in the desert. With its international airport, Marrakesch will be start and end of our trip in the desert:

1st Day — We will meet in Marrakesch and spent the first night the old capital with tours through the medina and visits to Jema El Fne.

2nd Day — At dawn we will be picked up and travel via Ouarzazate and Zagora towards the end of the road, the last oasis in the desert: M’Hamid Al Ghizlane. In M’Hamid we sleep one night around a fire in the patio of a hotel. Time enough for a visit in the village and a last goof coffee.

3rd Day — After getting the camels ready, who will carry all our water, we start at 7am, following the Draa Valley westwards.

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