Your personality in your writing

If you want, I will analyze your own handwriting or a sample from a friend, colleague or complete stranger. Graphology is a some 100 years old science and was forgotten in many parts of the world, because it technically doesn’t align with anti discrimination laws. If you’d use it for a job recruitment process and somebody might be, for example blind, he had a severe disadvantage. Therefor it is not commonly used anymore.

Nevertheless, the possibilities are mind blowing. It is not your hand that is writing, it is your brain!

Graphology is incredible!

Therefor, I can tell you:

  • emotional responsiveness of anyone you meet
  • is somebody cool headed?
  • impulsive?
  • unstable?
  • compatibility of couples

Even clearly negative traits:

  • deceptive and manipulative
  • psychopathy, criminality and predispositions to violence!
  • aggression and insecurities!
  • who can’t keep their mouths shut
  • shame
  • is someone putting up a clever front?
  • drug use, mental illness and suicidal tendencies!

Also numerous positive traits including:

  • generosity
  • friendliness
  • humour
  • honesty!
  • who can keep secrets
  • is somebody for real

When I found out, I was so surprised myself.

The system I use is a combination of both American and European methods, ensuring a strong foundation. I learned Graphology with Mike Mandel, who has been a certified handwriting expert since 1993. He has been hired by various police services, a major hospital, and even a large metropolitan zoo in a threatening letter case.

But here comes the really weird stuff. If you are curious about your handwriting you will find out about character traits that you don’t want to have and you can change them by changing your handwriting. This is the remarkable power of graphotherapy. Gently and effectively build new abilities and strengths into your own handwriting and personality. By the time it becomes automatic, you will also get rid of the character traits or develop new ones. I can show you how!

The writing never lies!

Curious? Give it a try!

Are you interested in a feedback on your writing?

- Maybe you want to find out about hidden traits, that are momentarely not active or that you are not aware of.
- Maybe you want to doublecheck on someone.

We will talk roughly talk for 30min and you will be given all the information collected before. In order to see examples we will meet via video call.

Please pick a date and time for the evaluation call below and you will receive an automated email. Please reply to that one with a hand written blank DIN A paper (without lines).
Just send me a sharp picture and make sure the whole paper can be seen on the foto.

When writing, use your preferred pen, write fast and relaxed in a seated postion at a table.

Graphology evaluation: 50,-€ 

You will receive an invoice after scheduling the call