When less is more

Do you remember when you were young? When you were a kid?

When you could just leave the house and play in the garden or the woods until you got hungry or somebody picked you up? When you could built castles of sand for hours or built the biggest damns in the smallest rivers forgetting the time without ever getting bored. You wouldn’t need to take anything with you. Just the clothes you wore. No Phone, No keys, No money. All you needed were yourself and your imagination?

One day I wanted to have that life back and I started to simplify!

In a world, where everybody could have everything we reached a point of absolute distraction. Procrastination is the new normality. The more we get distracted the more we focus on things that are neither priorities nor give us the most joy in life.

As I experience often in One-On-one coachings, be it about personal development or career advice, people have troubles to express what they really want. To many things are available to them and they think, in order to live a successful life they need to have and live them all. They don´t focus there mental resources on what they truly desire and very often that has an expression in the material world as well. When you are rich enough to theoretically own whatever you like, you might thrive for everything at the same time and that will either stress out your financial situation or it will just not leave you enough time to enjoy the things you own. As a process in concentration on what matters most in your life, you can start with the things you own, the stuff that surrounds you. To practice the focus on the important things will train your mind to focus on the essential things in life in general. This webinar shall give you an overview on areas to start with and name strategies how to actually achieve the decluttering. The goal is to get rid of as many distraction as possible to feel free and relieved and concentrate on the meaningful things in life again.

Simplify your life now! 

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