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Florian Hornig

Florian Hornig created the idea for 'the' during his time as an international headhunter in the finance industry which has improved ever since. During Florians headhunter years his clients were international companies. To meet their demands he chased and placed managers. Florians focus shifted over time from the companies point of view to the individuals. For him the individuals personal motivations to change jobs became more important than the companies profits when hiring the cheapest individual available.

  • What made people move?
  • Was it only the money?
  • Was it the challenge?
  • Did they want to run away?
  • Were they looking for the special?
  • What motivated them to continuously leave friends and family behind to chase the best job available?

And why do other turn down a really good offer, for example to stay in a certain city? Especially the years of 2007 and 2008 were the golden years in headhunting in investment banking. It seemed to exist only one direction: higher, faster, further and more expensive. The short term profit seemed to be all that mattered and everything else had to stay behind. Although many of Florians candidates were incredibly successful, they were often not really happy. This showed especially when in September 2008 the investment bank Lehman Brother went broke over night. As a result many - perceived? - values vanished into nowhere. With the credit crunch the crisis became a problem to the entire world. All of a sudden, it became obvious, that the finance industry was not sustainable. Many people got the feeling to have worked for 10 to 15 years for nothing lasting. They haven’t created values in peoples life.

Florian started to question what the different personal motivation could be:

  • what motivates people in a positive manner?
  • what creates a lasting exhilaration?
  • what lets people find themselves?
  • how do goals look like that are sustainable for yourself and your surrounding?

These more general questions were accompanied by the growing frustration that as a headhunter mostly you can’t make a lasting difference with the placements. Florians job was done when company and candidate met and the tricky part of working together began. So he was not enabled to work on any longterm visions, strategies or solutions that lead to lasting changes. 2009 Florian started Glücklichtrainer being an independent consultancy focusing on individual pursuit of happiness as the main driver for success. Positiv motivation is stronger and more inspiring than an avoiding and escaping motivation. Hence the individual differences are huge which makes it so important to grant this issue the necessary space - may it be in private or business context. The one who knows for which goals he is reaching reaches more. And we want to make a difference in peoples life.

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