What would life be like, if you had the choice?

We as human beings have a free will, why not use it on our lifes? So often we tend to do as we are expected to. What, if all of a sudden we’d realize the vast possibilities of what could happen if we’ actually use it.

Unfortunately we learned throughout our childhood and teens to fit in and we developed habits that keep us out of trouble but let us feel miserable.

To be able to identify the habits that are run by the unconscious mind and openly see the alternatives that there are it can help to change the scenery.

Go to a place and setting where everything is different. Some place where your day is filled up by free choice rather than your ‘business as usual’ program.

Exactly that will happen in the desert. Everything will be so different that you will be overwhelmed by the potential and you will develop a sense for the choice you have back home.

To make the journey even more remarkable I will include a whole bunch of coaching sessions, beginning right after your registration and finding its peak at the campfire under the the star spangled sky in the desert.

Ready to change your life?

You deserve it!

More than just a seminar

A trip to Sahra can be life changing and so can a coaching seminar. Why not combine the two?

In 2013 I went on a miraculous tour to the desert which changed my life for ever.  I invite you to join me on that journey and start your own towards the life you love!

1st Day

We will meet in Marrakesch and spent the first night in the ancient capital, wander through the marvelous medina and visit the Jema El Fne.

2nd Day

At dawn we will be picked up and travel over the High Atlas and Anti Atlas via Ouarzazate and Zagora towards the end of the road, the last oasis in the desert: M’Hamid Al Ghizlane. In M’Hamid we sleep one night around a fire in the patio of a hotel. Time enough for a visit in the village and a last goof coffee.

3rd Day

After getting the camels ready, who will carry all our water, we start at 7am, following the Draa Valley westwards.

4th Day

We will cross the big stone plateaus towards the great dunes of Erg Chegaga

5th+6th Day

We will walk in and through the great dunes where we meet our turning point to head back east. 

7th Day

Once again we will cross the dried up river Draa and reach M’Hamid again, ready for a shower and a last night in the desert.

8th Day

We will be brought back to Marrakesh to catch our flight home. 

All together we travel for 8 days (saturday to saturday), 5 of them walking in the desert. The daily distances will be around 20km in total.

Every person who does sport on a more or less regular basis will be able to handle the distances.

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