Yoga in the mornings

We will spice each morning with a 90 minutes yoga session, held by Johannes von Kurz. The yoga session will be suitable for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners. As Johannes practices a well balanced holistic „Sivananda Yoga“ approach we will learn about the 5 different principles of traditional yoga.

— Exercise
— Relaxation
— Breathing
— Meditation and Nutrition

The morning routine will include the first 4 aspects mentioned above and the practiced assanas will remain on beginners level. If you like to join as an experienced practitioner, you will have the chance for an advanced yoga class in the evening. The price contains boat, fees, breakfast, yoga and sailing. We will have dinner at different locations which has to be paid for individually. The flight can be booked by us and is extra.

We will start on a Saturday afternoon in the marina of Fethiye with a 47 foot Bavaria Sun Odyssey 45 yacht (which is even better :). 8 beds in 4 cabins give us the space we need to form an adventurous group and enjoy the week together.

If you like, you will find plenty of time to maneuver the boat and you will be able to manage all positions on board, at least if you like. If you don’t, you may just enjoy the sunny Mediterranean weather and the crystal water. Travel by the wind. Enjoy the easy flow of a sailing boat, dancing in the waves.

Although the wind is steadily blowing from the same direction you can reach any point on the ocean. What a beautiful metaphor: it is not the wind that is deciding which way you are heading, it is your decision of how you adjust the sails. We will stay in the most beautiful bays for the night and dine in small local restaurants in the bay famous for its delicious Turkish slow food.

Next edition available in early 2018!

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