don't fight the wind, adjust the course

„You can’t reach a new shore, without leaving the save harbor!“

1 on 1

The SAILING experience is the only 1 on 1 experience that I currently offer. Being more of a personal training than a seminar, you decide yourself when and how long. As your life doesn’t happen in a business center I am sure you should work on yourself outside a business center as well.

Traveling without an engine in the beautiful of the Mediterranean, Sailing calms the mind, let's time pass more slowly and offers plenty of opportunities to explore oneself. Therefor you will be picked up at a harbor in France or Italy and we spend some time on the boat, enjoying the pleasure of life. We will have no schedule. We will go the flow of the day and decide on a daily basis, upon wind and weather what we are doing. As we find time, we will deepen our conversations or challenge your  mind with certain coaching tasks exploring your inner truth.

You will:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn new aspects of nonverbal communication
  • Work on your personal vision of life
  • Do timeline work
  • Experience deep Hypnosis
  • Learn self hypnosis techniques
  • Experience the simplicity of life
  • Snorkel, swim, sail

Do you want to go sailing?

We will need to find room in my schedule for your request. We can set the time for our joined adventure in advance but will have to confirm the place of arrival and departure on a shorter notice.

Nevertheless we should start the planning as soon as possible since only very few slots are available in summer 2019.

350,-€ per day

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