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Time, a  lot of time, blue ocean, white beach & warm sunshine, exotic culture & people with the heart at the right spot. That’s Zanzibar, one of the most remote places in Zanzibar, located at one of the most southern beaches, well known as the perfect spotting area for dolphins, Kizimkazi. Situated 100 m from Kizimkazi beach you’ll find a small Lodge hidden in tropical plants and with a natural Zanzibari flair.

That’s the Caveman Lodge. As I am the owner of the lodge I can guarantee that the whole team will be dedicated to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

From Nov 4th to Nov 12th I will offer you a life changing retreat at this beautiful place at the shore of the Indian Ocean. You will have the full Lodge exclusively with our group and you can focus and enjoy fully on whatever you need most. May it be the relaxation, the good food, the adventure on the ocean or the discovery of local culture. As the sun rises and sets early in Zanzibar our days will start early and will be lived to the fullest to find a good nights rest in the evening.

Each morning I start with a 90 min yoga session and meditation practise at 6:30am that you are welcome to join. When we are finished with you morning session breakfast will already be waiting for you. After breakfast you have the chance to enjoy a day on the water and the nature. I will offer different tours with our own boat or trips around the island each day. With the setting sun, which is just beautiful at Kizimkazi beach the dinner will be ready when you come back.

On the go, we will have plenty of time to discuss the topics that matter to you most. As presented in my „YOUR HAPPY LIFE WEBINARS“ I defined seven substantial steps to take care of for a meaningful and fulfilled life that will also be presented during our retreat: sleep nutrition

  • body
  • mindfullness
  • motivation
  • beliefs
  • habits

Since it is my strongest believe that learning should be fun and as life should be effortless, enjoyable and only vaguely annoying, none of the above is mandatory. You decide what you want to talk about. You decide what you are interested in. You decide what we will do.

    Nevertheless we can choose out of some of the best techniques on the market 

    • including relaxation
    • visual imagery
    • creative visualization
    • hypnosis
    • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
    • Graphology
    • stress reduction processes for the purposes of vocational or avocational self-improvement.

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