Just tap it away

Bad thoughts and feelings disappear

Whenever there is any kind of bad feeling building up inside of you, this somehow shows an incongruence between your conscious and your subconscious. Even more important is the fact, that a thought is only a thought, and a feeling is an electrical impulse, turned into a thought.

That means, you can change it. At least you can give it another meaning, change the message that the impulse is delivering. You decide what is bothering you and what not.

When you struggle to change the interpretation of that thought you can activate certain pressure point that come out of traditional Chinese medicine. I won’t go into further details here, the amazing fact is simply: It’s working!

Have a look at the video where I am guiding you trough the sequence and have a look at the description on the right side and apply whenever you need it.


You recall that thought or feeling that is bothering you. You give your pain, feeling, fear etc. a number from 1-10, 10 being the worst that you can imagine.
Then you go through the tapping sequence, maybe strengthening the process with the sentence: Let it go!
It won’t matter if you speak it aloud or just think it.
While saying this you go tapping the following the sequence:

1. middle of your head
2. center of your forehead
3. bone right on the outside of your eye
4. cheekbone right under your eye
5. beginning of the collarbone
6. hold and press your wrist

No check the number. Did it go down? How much? Repeat until you zero it.

In case the number won’t change, you are dehydrated. Have a glass of cold water and repeat the sequence.

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