When anxiety hits you

It’s always in a situation where you can’t use it at all. Other than a phobia anxiety is not digital. (If you have fear of something that switches from zero to 100 in a second won’t grow over time, there is also an easy cure for that, but we will need a one on one personal power session https://happylife.coach/patreon for that.)

Anxiety builds up gradually and gets stronger and more intense over time. Once you figured out how to decrease it, you can work on it before it reaches a degree where it is limiting you.

You will have to repeat this technique over and over again until it will finally diminish and your unconscious mind learned a new specific behavior.

When you feel the first sign of anxiety of fear building up:

- take you non-dominant hand 
- form a pistol with the index and and the middle finger pointing forward
- take your dominant hand
- form a fist around the two fingers of the non-dominant hand
- squeeze as hard as you can without hurting yourself
- keep it squeezed until the anxiety level drops
- when you feel comfortable again, let go

- does it come back? 
- start all over again

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