You choose your freedom!

What happens when you either have to be out of your office to travel to clients or you can focus better when not at the office or you save a lot of time when not commuting to the office every dayor you have kids you want to take care of in between or you just like to travel. Whatever your reasons are. Many of the new technologies that brought us into the office in the first place may help us to get out of the offices again. We just need to learn to use them in a proper way. There may be hundreds of different ways to the officeless office. Somewhere you will have to start. So did I. Unfortunately I had to go through many trials and errors to find out what works best. I am working without an office since January 2013. I started working homeoffice based which meant to set up an office at home. Then I worked ‘on the road’ for over a year and had to discover that A) some of my used tools didn’t work and B) I needed to create a clear routine to make myself work even when in an unfamiliar surrounding. The webinar lasts 90min and will consist of the following parts:

  • Introduction Where do I come from and what experiences do I have with the offices?
  • pro & con Where does my concept help? What does not work?
  • equipment Talking business. What are the tools used?
  • organization How to structure work to get the most out of these tools?
  • Q & A This part will be up to you.

If you want to get a preview on the topic of  “officeless office”(and you know some German) sneak into my podcast at und

The webinar will be available in September 2017!

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